Social Media Automation

How to use Instagram to Drive More Sales


Drive More Traffic & Increase Visibility With LinkedIn

Live Streaming

Build a Movement & Reach The Masses with Live Streaming

TikTok & YouTube

Easily create revenue generating TikTok & YouTube videos

Mental Wellness

How To Protect Your Mental Well-being and Work At Your Highest Level

Communication Automation

Get Organized! Automate Your Workflows & Save Time

Data Analytics

Connect The Dots Between Data & Strategy To Build Massive Marketing Success

Data Privacy & Compliance

Data Privacy & Compliance Considerations in an Online Environment

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About digi /in BLACK

A FREE digital marketing summit for focused small business owners and entrepreneurs to spark new ways of doing digital; challenge familiar norms and become agents of change to flourish and profit.

Amazing Lineup of Speakers & Experts

Actionable insights and practical advice from in the trenches specialists and small business owners on how they successfully use digital to grow and scale.

Dorothy Vernon-Brown, Host, Mrketing Strategist | AKB2 Small Business Marketing & AutomateSmartly
Dorothy Vernon-Brown

Host | Marketing Strategist & Coach
AKB2 Small Business Marketing

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Lisa Dietrich-Linton, Co-Founder & Marketing Automation Expert |
Lisa Dietrich-Linton

Founder & Marketing Automation Specialist
SoftEdge Solutions |

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Yvette Elliott, Chief Client Officer | ClickInsight Corporation
Yvette Elliott
Digital Analytics Executive, Speaker & Professor
ClickInsight Corporation
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Rob "YB' Youngblood, LinkedIn Locksmith | YB Connects
Rob “YB” Youngblood

“LinkedIn Locksmith”
YBConnects, LLC

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Desirae King, CEO/President | Speaker | Live Streaming Expert Disable Your Labels | digi in BLACK 2022 Speaker
Desirae King

CEO/President | Speaker | Live Streaming Expert
Disable Your Labels

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Chez Gayle, General Manager Thoga Entertainment Inc. | digi in Black Speaker
Chez Gayle
General Manager
Thoga Entertainment Inc.
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Dina Maxwell, Senior Legal Counsel & Privacy Lead, PwC Canada | digi in BLACK 2022
Dina Maxwell

Snr. Legal Counsel & Privacy Lead
PwC Canada

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Octavia Sampson, Psychotherapist & Founder of Entrust Psychotherapy and Co-founder of Afya Collective | digi in BLACK 2022
Octavia Sampson
Psychotherapist, Founder of Entrust Psychotherapy & Co-founder of Afya Collective
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Strategic. Operational. Tactical. Oh yeah…Smart 😊.

At, we build smart digital marketing solutions to improve customer experience and increase sales and revenue for small businesses. We believe that conversational commerce, a personalized customer experience and omni communication are the pillars of growth.

We believe that a long-term partnership and trust are important ingredients to our client relationship and business success and we thrive on making these success levers impactful and powerful. To do this, we build AI-powered sales and marketing automation systems and conversational solutions that saves times, calm the chaos and improve our clients’ lives.

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